Step 1 to starting a Bling Business

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Step 1 to starting a Bling Business

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Brush N Bake is the Pro Crafter’s Dream Bundle

And it’s the all-around solution that fits into almost every embroidery business, every screen printing shop, every direct to garment t-shirt printing company.
If you are a hands-on, all-in-one BLING Diva.. or Divo? then the Brush N Bake will feel like a dream come true.
Because with this system you have a complete solution. One that’s TONS faster than your craft cutter bling. Professional enough for any commercial shop. Easy enough for ANYONE to learn. All at a pretty freakin’ good price too.
Can you do Rhinestone Tees and Transfers? – YES
Can you create glitter vinyl prints for cheer and fun wear? – YES
Can you do HTV (heat transfer vinyl) jersey names and graphics? – YUP
Can you do signage, banners, and about 10 things even WE haven’t thought of yet? – SURE CAN
Everyone, every business, every niche market, every studio or shop set up, will be able to do MORE with Brush N Bake.
Where will it fit in YOUR business?
“Having ColDesi on your team is like having a silent business partner with lots of contacts, resources, and support.”
Kathleen G.

Getting started in the bling business can be a large investment for many of you out there, but you can get your business launched with a much more affordable kit; the Brush n Bake Rhinestone Transfer System.
For many small businesses, the dream is to have a large automatic rhinestone machine like the CAMS, but you might need to put in some work to get there. The Brush n Bake lets you do exactly this! You will design and cut out ‘templates’ that are used to ‘brush’ rhinestones into place, creating a rhinestone transfer. These transfers can be up to thousands of rhinestones, and almost as fast as an automated machine, just by using a template, a rhinestone brush, and your hands.
You don’t have to put your dreams on hold. The Brush n Bake is the starting place for many custom apparel businesses just like yours.
  • Graphtec CE6000-40 15” Desktop Cutter/Plotter*
  • Sierra HotFix ERA for Stencil Making
  • Graphtec Studio Design Software
  • Brush N’ Bake – Piece of Cake – Online Training
  • STENCILFLOCK-12X5 – 12″ X 5yd roll
  • Work station
  • Transfer Sheets 12″ X 12″ – 25 Qty
  • 50gr (7,200) SS10 Crystal rhinestones
  • 50gr (7,200) SS16 Peridot colored rhinestones
  • Teflon Flat Sheet 17X21
  • Hard Surface material 12″ X 60″ roll
  • Stone/Stud Chart
  • Sticky Flock-Brush
  • Rhinestone tweezers
The Brush n Bake Rhinestone Transfer System is the most cost-effective entry into the rhinestone apparel business. It works by using a template material and cutting out your design. The finished template is a textured material with holes cut out for rhinestones to brush in. Simply ‘brush’ rhinestones over the template and they fall into place. Once your template is full, place a sticky transfer paper on top and the stones lift right out of the template. You have created a rhinestone design in minutes. Now use the template to create the transfer again, and again, and again.
These transfers are ‘hotfix’ which means they are heat applied with a heat press to shirts, bags, sweaters, caps & more. You can even use Rhinestone Hard Surface Material to create rhinestone stickers from templates.

Tons of colors and sizes

Since you are creating templates with a cutting machine, you aren’t limited to any particular color or size of stones. Create your design, cut out your template and you are ready for transfer production. Once you have created a template you can store it for use again in the future. The next time you go to produce transfers, you can ‘brush’ the same stones, or even a different color.

More than just rhinestones

Since the core of the Brush n Bake is a cutting machine, this means you can cut more than just your rhinestone template material. You can also cut glitter heat transfer vinyl or simple solid colors to make designs that aren’t just for bling. This system might be where you start, but you will always find your heat press and cutter to be a great tool (no matter how big you grow.)
The Brush n Bake is a fun & versatile system for the beginner who is looking for a stepping stone into big BLING business.
“I’m beyond impressed by the ColDesi team. When I was looking into expanding our business I did a TON of research. I knew the Avancé machines were the best embroidery machines, but I wasn’t expecting to have so much support! Thank you for everything. We are SOOO excited keep expanding our business with ColDesi on our team.” ~Shane H.

Rhinestone Design Tools

Software that makes your ideas come to life. Template material that  you can use again and again. Thousands of beautiful rhinestones to make your first design. Everything you need!

Versatility = Success

Make rhinestone designs, decals and vinyl tees. And transfers you can apply to a LOT more than just apparel.

Unparalleled Support

Starting up can be hard. Especially when you’re going from a craft cutter to a pro like this one. Or if you’re just starting from scratch. Our 30,000+ customers should tell you one thing – we know how to help.
Discover The ColDesi Difference
There’s a reason our clients keep coming back.
31,000 thriving business owners and counting!
When you’re part of our family, you don’t just get exceptional machines.
You get a partner in success from start to finish.

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“From the initial search to the final purchase-the entire process was seamless and easy. I highly recommend a bundle purchase–there are many to choose from and the assistance with selecting the right one for our business was top notch.” 
Heather B.

Customer Success Stories

SYL Fashion

Catalina Lopez from Shine Your Light Fashion combines creativity, mission and a strong faith into her Brush N Bake Bling Designs. Combining both Rhinestones and Glitter Vinyl in creative ways, Pastor Lopez literally puts her faith into every single shirt she sells.

“Using the brush & bake system from Coldesi has been great. I am brand new to the business and rhinestones this was by far the easiest way to learn. The support I received from customer service has always been outstanding. Being on the west coast can be challenging with the time difference but they’ve helped me in every way to start my business. . If you want to start a business this is by far the Best company and people to help you get started.”


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