Cuts like butter. Easy to weed, even on small designs.

You want a business that makes simple custom tees quickly.

If you’re one of the baJILLIION people that have one or more Cricuts, or Cameos or any of the other home craft cutters on the market, then you’re in good company with the Cut N Press.
Lot’s of craft users are making the Cut N Press their Next Step in going pro – in turning their passion and their hobby into an actual paycheck.
And the most common feeling that they get when they take that Next Step with us is “relief”. It’s actually relaxing to make the move up.
Relief because they get their TIME back. You may have found this page because you’re up until midnight every night filling orders on your Cricut. Or because you burned one out from running too many hours.
And the Cut N Press is about 8X faster – so you can get 8x the work done at the same time. Or better yet, do the same work in 1/8 the time and go to bed on time. Or play with the kids… or something other than stare at the cutter.
Relief because you don’t even realize how LOUD the craft cutter is anymore – until your spouse or your kids complain.
Relief because you can finally make some MONEY from your labors – because the supplies are so much less expensive (and higher quality) that your profits just must go up.
The Cut N Press is for you if you’re ready for that Next Step.

Glitter is better than ever.

The Cut n Press System featuring Triton HTV is the most economical way to enter the bling business. Even though it comes at a great price, you are going to create apparel that will blow your customers away. The quality of the materials surpasses all others, and the look is phenomenal. Not to mention it is pretty easy to learn.

Cut N Press Pro Kit Includes:
  • Graphtec CE6000-40 PLUS 15″
  • Teflon Flat Sheet 17X21
  • White TRITON 15″ X 5Y Roll (2 rolls)
  • Black TRITON 15″ X 5Y Roll (2 rolls)
  • Red TRITON 15″ X 5Y Roll (2 rolls)
  • Gray TRITON 15″ X 5Y Roll (2 rolls)
  • Royal Blue TRITON 15″ X 5Y Roll (2 rolls)
  • Navy Blue TRITON 15″ X 5Y Roll (2 rolls)
  • Red TRITON Glitter 15″ X 5Y Roll
  • Silver TRITON Glitter 15″ X 5Y Roll
  • Gold TRITON Glitter 15″ X 5Y Roll 
  • 6 3/4″ Weeding Picks S/S 4-piece
  • 4 1/2″ Bent Point Tweezers
  • Graphtec Blade 45° for PHP33/35-CB09N-HS blade holder- 2 pack
Mix Media combine Cut N Press Triton Vinyl with spangles using the ProSpangle or SpangleElite machine.
The core of the Cut n Press system is two things; awesome materials and a fantastic cutting machine. This means you are going to impress everyone around you. This isn’t a hobby cutter and low-grade glitter material from a craft store, this is the world’s best cutting machine combined with the best-reviewed vinyl materials.
What’s amazing about this system is that it goes along with any other equipment you invest in. You will always find work for your Cut n Press System. It’s one of those investments you make that still is going to make you money no matter how big your dreams are. This is why we recommend everyone add on a Cut n Press system to their bling investment. It’s a business on its own or a perfect addition to spangles, transfers, or rhinestones.
This system comes complete with everything you need to get going, including top-notch design software and an online video training series designed to get you making your first shirt the day you open the box. ColDesi had you in mind when building this glitter transfer system.
Mix Media combine the Cut N Press system with the Brush N Bake or CAMS Rhinestone machine to create custom t-shirts with vinyl and rhinestones.
Mix Media combines the Cut N Press system with the DigitalHeat FX i560 printer to create custom t-shirts with vinyl and digital print heat transfers.

Small Investment, Beautiful Designs

No one will ever know how little you spent to get into the custom t-shirt business – or easy it was for you to get started.

Expert Advice

The power of ColDesi is behind everything we sell. That means you have a friend in the business you can talk to for support, advice and recommendations. That’s priceless.

Unparalleled Support

We’ve got a process and a system – live online training, phone, and online support —to ensure success from the start. Whether you’re emerging or expanding, a one person shop or the biggest name in bling-wear.

Watch videos of the Cut n Press in Action!

Listen to Podcast about Cut n Press

Episode 172 – 2 Cheapest Ways to Start a T-shirt Business – Sublimation vs Vinyl

So you want to start a t-shirt business on a budget. The two cheapest / lowest-cost ways to start are with sublimation and HTV (Heat Transfer Vinyl).

But what is the difference between Sublimation and HTV?

Which is better: Sublimation or Heat Transfer Vinyl?

Which is cheaper?

In this episode, we are going to deep dive into both Sublimation and HTV to help you pick the best for your new business.

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