HotFix Era is our bling software of choice. Works with Brush N Bake, SpangleElite, ProSpangle and CAMS Rhinestone Machines.


HotFix Era is our bling software of choice. Works with Brush N Bake, SpangleElite, ProSpangle and CAMS Rhinestone Machines.

This ideal design software is perfect for beginners and professionals.

It works for start-ups and companies with dozens of machines, that is the power of HotFix Era.

Why is this software ideal for all businesses?

  • Simplicity – You can create lettering or simple designs in moments. You don’t have to be a graphics pro to get started
  • Pro Tools – As you get better at graphics and hotfix, you can create just about anything you can imagine. The tools let you learn and expand your creativity and skills.
  • Versatility – One software to control spangle equipment, rhinestone machines, and a cutting plotter.

There isn’t just one kind of BLING, but there is One powerful bling software,
Sierra Hotfix Era.

Our customers started just like you, with ONE bling machine….
then they add another.

Starts with Brush N Bake because of budget, then moves up to CAMS when their business takes off.

Starts with the ProSpangle and then adds rhinestones.

Or the SpangleElite and adds a ProSpangle.

Or the CAMS 1V-6P and adds spangles.

Because our most successful customers know that once someone gets a taste of what you can do, they always want you to do MORE!

That’s why we chose the HotFix Era for your bling design software. Not just because it will help you make by far the coolest designs (wait until you see what the Fills function can do!). But because it can grow with you.

ProSpangle, CAMS, BnB, SpangleElite – whatever is next – all work with the SAME SOFTWARE. All you do when you grow is add a new driver.

So while you watch the videos here, think about that. Not just about how ColDesi and Hotfix Era gives you the power to create bling NOW. But also what might come next…

HotFix Era is the premier apparel decorating software for bling garments

Created from the ground up just for apparel decorating. The software works very well with Corel Draw and Adobe Illustrator. 

HotFix even provides a “live import” function that allows you to import an open design in one of those applications and convert to stones or sequins.

No additional software is necessary, the program comes with complete vector design tools, fonts and more in addition to its specific spangle/sequin tools.


The user-friendly interface along with ColDesi online video training provides you with the steps to creating beautiful bling designs.

HotFix Era Uses TrueType Fonts

You get the ability to use TrueType fonts AND to import graphics files from other applications and turn them into your own spangle designs.

There are THOUSANDS of fonts available, and the vast majority are free to download. 

Keep in mind though, that not every font you or your customer chooses will look good in spangles. Some fonts simply don’t look good when you convert them to a series of circles, whether their hotfix rhinestones, sequins or spangles.

Your best bet is going to be to stick with large, block style fonts or very common scripts that you’re willing to spend time editing to make perfect.

The software ships with a handful of the most common fonts already “digitized” into a native stone and spangle format, and you can purchase more if this becomes important to your business.

So, any TrueType font will import, there are just a few examples in the image to right.

HotFix Era Fills

In addition to the sequin transfer design and spangle, transfer design features already mentioned, you also get some remarkable FILLS. Fills are styles or methods of “filling” your design. 

For example, here is a few different Hotfix Era Fills, this video is for the Hotfix Era for Stones, but works just the same for spangle transfers. Keep in mind Hotfix Era is often called “rhinestone software” but that applies to spangles as well!

Sierra is always changing or adding fills to its Hotfix era line of products. Below, and in the demonstration video, you’ll see some amazing options for creating unique designs – please ask a salesperson today what’s currently included with the package or what optional fills you may wish to add. it’s worth it!

Design Era, Hotfix Era, Print Era and Stitch Era

Provided you have the correct modules/drivers, you can use HotFix Era to output to your ProSpangle machine, CAMS Rhinestone Transfer System, and almost any plotter/cutter and motif machine on the market today, including the Colman and Company Brush N Bake.

The separate drivers for HotFix and modules for Print and Embroidery systems are all part of the Design Era Suite.

Export Rhinestone Designs to Cutters

Rhinestone designs created with this program can be exported to vinyl cutters or laser to produce rhinestones stencils. Read on this site about the compatibility of this program with the brand and model of your equipment.

Export Designs to Rhinestone and Sequin Machines

Designs created with this program can be exported to be produced by most brands and models of automatic hotfix rhinestone and sequin motif making machines on the market. 

More Ways to Digitize Design Objects

In order to input the geometry of the objects, you can digitize objects in the standard way by entering each of the points of arc or bezier curves, or hands-free, or by auto-trace on raster images, or simply selecting the vector objects (using already defined shape).

Vectorize Raster/Bitmap Images

The program includes vectorizer tools that allow you to quickly convert raster images into vector images. Created vector objects can be used as the base to create the rhinestone & sequin objects.

Use Artwork From Any Source

The digitizing process can start from bitmap/raster graphic files or vector graphics, coming from websites or created in other commercial graphics applications, photo images obtained with a camera or scanner, and images or vectors imported from other graphics applications. The digitizing process can also start from drawings created in this application.

Smart Design

The smart design tool accelerates the design creation and design editing. It allows creating rhinestone or sequin objects with your favorite fill style with a simple click on vector objects. It also offers the fastest way to select the rhinestone/sequin object type to create when digitizing on raster images. In addition, smart design tool can be used on editing to convert between different object types with a single click.

Synchronized Multiple-Views

The program offers several ways to present the information of the objects that constitute the design. The work area is the main view; it shows all objects graphically in their location in the design. Complementary views include the design map, the sequence view, the list of elements, the satellite view and the simulation view. Whenever you create or modify an object, those views are updated automatically.

Objects Editing (Geometry)

The user can completely change the shape (geometry) of each hotfix object: nodes, curves, holes, etc. At the same time, the user can scale the object horizontally, vertically or keep the aspect ratio, or rotate it. When performing each of these changes, the hotfix objects are re-processed and new rhinestones or sequins are generated for the new object shape.

Objects Editing (Fill Properties)

Each object can be filled with different hotfix fill styles, and each style can be adjusted according to user preference (editing object properties). Once filling properties of each object is specified, they can be changed as much as necessary to get the expected result. By modifying the object properties, the rhinestones/sequins will be generated again.

Editing Stones & Sequins

In addition to object editing where the software automatically generates stones and sequins contained in an area or line; the program allows individual editing of each stone or sequins: change the type, move, delete, add individual pieces. In order to make easier the finishing work, the program highlights those stones or sequins overlapping or too close to let the user decide whether to remove them or change their position.

HotFix Fill Styles

The program offers a complete set of styles to fill lines and areas with rhinestones and sequins to produce the most attractive designs: different types of uniform fill, concentric fill, flat fill, flexible fill, textures, and others.

Lettering System with True-Type Fonts

The lettering system allows the use of true-type fonts. The user can use both the fonts installed on the computer and thousands of new fonts available online. Rhinestone and sequin designs with texts can be created in a few seconds by simply entering the characters, choosing the font and indicating the proper hotfix stitch style.


  • Windows 7 + Windows 10 Compatible Compatible
  • Standard Windows Interface style
  • Undo/Redo
  • Auto Save Feature
  • Video Card acceleration
  • Work in Metric or Standard
  • Preview Design Mode
  • Library Function
  • Works with raster and vector images
  • Full-featured object manager
  • Full features object inspector
  • Huge catalog of HotFix componentsArtwork
  • Reads raster images
  • Reads vector images
  • Live Import from Corel Draw
  • Live Import from Illustrator
  • Capture raster image from Twain Scanner
  • Auto shape library
  • Uses True Type Fonts
  • Create vector objects with Bezier Tools
  • Create Free-Hand ObjectsArtwork Processing
  • Vector Files Processing
  • Group & Ungroup, Objects Sorting
  • Combine objects – add, sub, trim, simplify, etc.
  • Split objects, remove holes
  • Cut, copy, paste, resize, rotate
  • Edit brightness, contrast, saturation
  • Convert to vector (included Vectorizer)Digitizing Features
  • Standard digitizing mode (click by click)
  • Auto-trace for raster and vector images
  • Digitize vector images to stones or sequins
  • Digitize shapes into stones or sequins


  • Sequins in a path
  • Sequin Grid Fill
  • Sequin Radial Fill Options
  • Variable Spacing effects
  • Flexible Fills
  • Sequin linear fills
  • Auto-borders on areas
  • Path with Multi-Stones 
  • Texture Fill 


  • Included pre-digitized HotFix fonts
  • Imports True Type Fonts
  • Adjust spacing of letters, words, lines
  • Text Effects like Arch, Bridge, Circle
  • Select sequin and change fill settings
  • On-screen editing – individual letter size and kerning
  • Full editing text – node by node, stone by stone


  • Objects or Blocks – move, resize, rotate
  • Objects or Blocks – cut, copy, paste, duplicate
  • Object to object – Object to design alignment
  • Node by node and multiple node editing
  • Add, edit, delete object nodes
  • Change object shape, holes, angles, etc.
  • Change all Object Properties (stones and settings)
  • Sort all objects
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Software Included with These machines

CAMS Rhinestone Machines, ProSpangle Machines, SpangleElite Machines, and Brush N Bake Rhinestone System.

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