Compact, Profitable, A Real Show Stopper.

Get your custom quote today! Special financing available.

Compact, Profitable, A Real Show Stopper.

Get your custom quote today! Special financing available.

You want a business that’s mobile and fun.

It’s just FUN.
It’s fun to make the designs.
Fun to watch the machine run.
It’s fun just to SEE it sitting in your office, or bedroom, or your shop. Sitting there next to your computer. And realize that this tiny desktop, no-mess device and make such amazing things. Such BLINGY things!
Like the custom cap and blingy face mask in the video to your right!
Heck, it’s even fun to change the spangle tape cartridges!
But is serious too of course. It allows you to be seriously creative. Helps you build a serious following for your designs and your business. Makes you some SERIOUS money because it’s super profitable.
The SpangleElite is for you if you love bling. You have a small space. You want to start professional, but economical too. Or you just want a way to add unique and PROFITABLE products to your business!
SpangleElite is for you if you’re into Serious AND Fun.
“Having ColDesi on your team is like having a silent business partner with lots of contacts, resources, and support.”
Kathleen G.

The SpangleElite is the perfect machine to launch your BLING business! Its quiet operation, speed, size, and beautiful spangle transfer output can help turn your talent for design, your love of all things BLING, into a profitable business. One that you can run from home, office or retail space.
  • Working Area: 15″ x 12″
  • Speed: 400-900 spangles per minute Weight: 44lbs Electricity: 220V (Comes with 110v Converter) Dimensions: 23.34″ x 23.62″ x 11.81″
  • For WINDOWS based PC operation, No MacOS Compatibility
  • Maximum Design Size approximately
    – 13.25″ x 10.25″ (Single Sheet)
    – 13.25″ x 20″ (Double Sheet)

Easy, Easy to Use

It’s so easy to change the patented SpangleElite Cartridges, designed for ease of use, AND the spangle punches that determine the size of your spangles, that you’ll be a pro in no time. It also comes with everything you need to get started, including computer design software and the Spangle Elite application – free training videos provided too!

Includes Accessories & Supplies

You get the ability to make designs with the THREE most popular sized spangles right in the box. 2MM, 3MM, and 4MM easy to change punches come with every SpangleElite. You also get a package of SpangleElite Transfer Sheets, spangle material cartridges, Sierra’s HotFix Era design software, and the SpangleElite Application Software.

“I’m beyond impressed by the ColDesi team. When I was looking into expanding our business I did a TON of research. I knew the Avancé machines were the best embroidery machines, but I wasn’t expecting to have so much support! Thank you for everything. We are SOOO excited keep expanding our business with ColDesi on our team.” ~Shane H.


We know this might be your first Bling machine.. and maybe your first custom apparel product too. That’s why we’ve developed easy to follow, professional video training courses to make SURE you can do it all.

Imagination & Software

Hotfix Era is the easiest and best bling design software on the market – and it comes with every SpangleElite. So you can get your imagination into the real world fast.

Unparalleled Support

We’ve got a process and a system— including video, phone, and online support —to ensure success from the start. Whether you’re emerging or expanding.
Discover The ColDesi Difference
There’s a reason our clients keep coming back.
31,000 thriving business owners and counting!
When you’re part of our family, you don’t just get exceptional machines.
You get a partner in success from start to finish.

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Special financing available.
“From the initial search to the final purchase-the entire process was seamless and easy. I highly recommend a bundle purchase–there are many to choose from and the assistance with selecting the right one for our business was top notch.” 
Heather B.

Customer Success Stories

Kimberly Prendergast Wohlgemuth

Kimberly is an all Jersey Girl apparel decorator with years of experience. She’s gone from not offering ANY bling – only embroidery and sublimation – to being the go-to bling artist for several area ball teams and a local school in just FOUR months!


“My work is really seasonal. The SpangleElite is what is going to bring my sales up during the slow months. And so far response has been GREAT!”

Sweetwater Boutique

Iris Annette spent 2 years doing embroidery and bling on nights and weekends – after a full-time job at the boatyard. While her first love was sewing and embroidery, she added the SpangleElite to her business and hasn’t looked back.


“My local customers love the bling! Sparkly “Jeep” T-shirts and Dog lovers shirts seem to be the favorite. And people love the embroidered hats to match!”
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