Do You Bling… Yet?

There are endless ways to brighten up the world with bling. Whether you’re a BIG BLING BRAND or a back bedroom startup – you can bling!

What Type Of Bling User Are You?

Rhinestones, Spangles, Glitter, Metallic.

There are different types of bling – each requiring just a computer, a heat press, the bling machine of your choice and the most important component: Your imagination!

Types of Bling

#1 Spangles

Spangles are very thin pieces of holographic material that mimic, and sometimes surpass, the blinginess of rhinestones. They’re perfectly soft, weigh nothing, and cost less than rhinestones to produce.

#2 Rhinestones

This is, of course, what most people think of when they are thinking of bling. “Hotfix” rhinestones are small pieces of glass that have glue already applied to the back so they can be applied with a heat press. There are both automatic machines and more manual options for creating rhinestone bling t-shirts and more.

#3 Heat Transfer Vinyl

Specifically glitter vinyl, is a very economical way to add bling to apparel and hard goods. You select your roll of glitter vinyl, cut your design using a professional cutter, then heat apply. Glitter vinyl is OFTEN used along with other forms of bling and apparel decoration.

#4 Glitter Transfers

One of the most useful new ways to add bling to a custom t-shirt design! Glitter transfers are a cross between Glitter Vinyl (HTV) and full color t-shirt transfers. Created using a white toner printer you can also make full color images on the same system.

What You Need To Start A Bling Business

It is no secret that bling clothing is very alluring. Not only can a little sparkle on an outfit attract people’s eyes, but it also has a high perceived value.

Think of spirit wear. A “football mom” tank that is covered in sparkly bling is going to go for a higher retail value than just a printed design. But what if I told you it doesn’t cost any more to make?

Bling Machine Options

SpangleElite – Compact Spangle Machine

The SpangleElite is the perfect machine to launch your BLING business!

Its quiet operation, speed, size, and beautiful spangle transfer output can help turn your talent for design, your love of all things BLING, into a profitable business.

One that you can run from the home, office, or retail space.

Make one big design (13.25″ x 10.25″) or gang many smaller ones on a single sheet.

Pricing from: $5,495

*Financing Available.

ProSpangle – Spangle Machine

You just cannot attend a high school, college, or Pro game in any sport and not see a “_____ Mom” shirt glittering from the stands or the sidelines. 

ProSpangle is a professional machine that makes heat press transfers out of holographic spangles. You can think of a spangle like a sequin without the hole in it, or like a flat, soft, hotfix rhinestone.

But unlike rhinestones, they are soft to the touch, holographic, and don’t require YOU to place stones to make the design.

ProSpangle is almost 5X faster than the highest-end rhinestone transfer machine AND makes transfers for about 7X less!

Pricing from: $18,995

*Financing Available.

CAMS – Rhinestone Setting Machine

When you ask anyone in the apparel decorating business about rhinestones or rhinestone transfers the CAMS Rhinestone Machine is at the top of the list.

ColDesi, Inc. and our CAMS Automatic Rhinestone Transfer machines are staples in the commercial apparel decorating marketplace for a reason.

It’s the best commercial system on the market for making rhinestone transfers, custom apparel, and for use in manufacturing.

Pricing from: $31,995

*Financing Available.

Cut N Press – Custom Vinyl T-Shirt System

The Cut n Press system was designed for someone who is looking to start their own t-shirt and BLING business.

This system is for you if need versatility on a tight budget. It’s compact, yet powerful.

And it includes a commercial-grade cutter so you can produce shirts all day with fast and consistent results.

It also includes start-up supplies and some black and white vinyl to get you going. You can’t go wrong with this versatile custom t-shirt system! 

Pricing from: $1,398 [heat press additional]

*Financing Available.


Get More With Bundles

Give your customers more decoration options by bundling your machine purchase with two machine systems. Ask us about our BUNDLE PACKAGE DEALS.

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